_ash Aria_

_ash Aria_ presents their self-titled premier album, released November 15th, 2016. The first singles "Emanate" and "One" have already been unleashed on radio and video, with more single releases to come. Originally from Los Angeles, the band moved to the Midwest and retooled, recorded and released their nine track debut. The Capital Times heralded the album saying, "between the music and vocals, [it] is magical." The international rock and metal vlog, Metal Detector, raved that, "its sound is performed at the highest level." and described it as "Nice vocals, colorful, and most importantly, various melodies and thoughtful electronic parts makes the guys' debut work really interesting." Now having returned to Los Angeles with a renewed focus on exciting and visual live shows, _ash Aria_ returns live music to its most raw form with a skilled performance ability and stellar musical craftsmanship.

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